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Eco-friendly hair salon opening Sept. 1 in Excelsior


Published August 25, 2016 at 7:00 am, Sun Sailor


By Paige Kieffer

Excelsior is welcoming the new eco-friendly Ginger Hair Salon, which opens 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 1 at 284 Water St.

Ginger Salon was developed by a group of Twin Cities friends that include Mark Williams, who is a partner, Jeffrey Caron, creative director, and Henry Dougherty, Jean Sova and Erin Fellows, all stylists.

“The salon came together because of all of us,” said Williams. “We wanted to do something fun together as a group and with people who are amazing.”

Fellows said, “I joined because of this location and team hands-down. It feels like family.”

Together, the group has more than 100 years of hair styling experience. All of them wanted to create an eco-friendly and sustainable salon so they turned to Davines, the eco-friendly haircare and skincare line.

Davines is an Italian company that provides biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Ginger Salon uses and sells the entire line to create a carbon-free beauty experience.
“Davines is the most globally ethical corporation in the world,” said Caron.

“It’s the perfect thing and only thing that people should have on their bodies,” said Dougherty. “It’s amazing product.”

Ginger Salon is one of a handful of Davines salons in the Twin Cities and the first in Excelsior. The salon’s mission is to provide and educate their clients on the clean, sustainable products that Davines offers.

“I believe people don’t have the right choices or options on what is going on in the beauty world and Davines is the best,” said Dougherty.

Sova added, “It’s pure and natural and I believe in all things recyclable and this is the real deal.”

Caron said that Ginger Salon fits in with the sustainability the Excelsior area offers such as the farmers market and flea market.

“Davines is all about sustainability,” he said. “This will really fit in with the philosophy people are thinking about now.”

“I instantly knew that Excelsior had a care-free and relaxed element to it, a community that I’m attracted to. It’s a perfect home to work in,” said Dougherty. “Combined with Davines which is carefree elegance, sustainable, I know that this company’s image and this city’s personality would be a great fit and I’m excited to work with it.”

Each of Ginger Salon’s stylists have been trained by the company and some have been involved with the company for decades. Davines has provided Ginger Salon and other locations education materials to further enhance the stylists’ background and training with the product.

“Even if you take out the Davines products, this group are some of the best hairdressers in the world,” Williams said. “These people are very talented.”

Ginger Salon will also provide Davines workshops for anyone who wants to learn on Oct. 16-17.

For more information on Ginger Salon, visit or call 952-401-4247. Search Ginger Hair Salon on social media, #GingerSalonMN, at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Contact Paige Kieffer at

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